About us

Experience Indian cuisine and its millennial origins at home!

Traditional Indian gastronomy is a blissful mix of spices and flavors. Like the cultural and linguistic diversity of the subcontinent, the style of food in India also varies from region to region. Each part of India has its own unique dishes - some can be spicy, others are milder. Common to all is that they are colorful and a feast for the eye.

Indian food is among the tastiest and at the same time most refined in the world. A melting pot of flavors that are all simple and amazing at the same time. Creamy palak paneer, spicy curry and hot chicken tikka masala - the Indian cuisine has something to offer everyone. Take the opportunity to experience India's culinary diversity at Indian Zayka, a genuine Indian restaurant in the middle of Halmstad.

Indian Zayka is run by Sukhjeet Singh who has his roots in northern India. He has a background as a chef and more than 20 years of experience in creating dining experiences beyond the ordinary. Welcome to lunch or dinner and experience it for yourself!